Sleep haiku

You lay there deep sleep
I love watching you sleep
Hear you breathe in out

Deep sleep long and well
Still can’t believe you are here
Sleeping in my bed


Walking around terrified

We are all walking around terrified that the real us will be seen

Being found out that this is really who we are

The mask we wear can be exhausting at times

The time and effort to put the mask on and keep it in the right place, why and really?

We all are at times afraid to expose the real us to everyone

Makes me wonder why?

Hurt, humiliation, being teased, these come to mind for me

We are all walking around terrified to be who we really are

It is exhausting to wear the mask

From a prompt at IWOW 10/19/14

(C) E.V. 2014

I want his weight on me

Yes press up against me

feel the warmth as you wrap your arms around my body

place your hands on my hips and pull me towards you closer

close as we can be

our bodies become one not knowing where you begin and I end

we become this twisted mound of flesh

our weight in each others arms

warm flesh

feeling touching each other

if your body was a city I would not need a map to navigate

I know where every turn takes me

if your body was a city I would not be lost

I know my way around this city

It’s not a stranger to me every turn takes me

where I want to be

yes your weight on me

makes me bewildered bothered and bewitched just please don’t stop

A prompt from las lunas locas 11/21/14

(C) E.V. 2014

Visits at Cemetary – Haiku

Came to me after a conversation with an employee about the love and joy you have at Cemetary.


Left behind alone

Visits at Cemetary

All come together


Gather share laugh cry

Memories once lived now gone

Smiles and tears of joy


Your presence is here

We feel it you are with us

Love is among us


Written 09/18/14

(C) 2014 Elsie Vega